Realistic & Unrealistic Expectations of a Poet

Dreams of Poets

In these United States alone,
two million poets are unknown.
But in their dreams they all proclaim
that only their style leads to fame;
Grand words some use, conveniently—
most vague can be such poetry.

I write not for posterity,
for fame, nor for prosperity;
but when my brain has turned to dust,
my skull a bucket filled with rust,
someone may find my rhymes one day
and smile at what I had to say.
Lord Byron I shall never be,
but I wrote pleasing poetry.

© 2016 Jerry Kemp

Jerry Kemp

Jerry has written and published two books: A Bouquet of Poetic Thoughts II and Galloping Pegasus, four humorous novellas.  Retired from his horse ranch and other activities, Jerry lives with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and numerous birds at the outskirts of the Sonoran desert in Arizona.  Celebrating his 82nd birthday in October 2016, ignoring the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms, Jerry continues on in his pursuit of happiness. He still paints, enjoys classical music and poetry by the old masters and, of course--writing.