Reflection of a Fool

Shaving cream on my face
I address the fool
in that lathered reflection

How I loathe myself
for my weakness and longing

Yet—I revel
in theatrical self-pity
and whisper

“Alas, poor Yorick . . . .”
I trace my mirror image
with hesitating fingers

“Are these the lips
That kissed much sweeter lips?”

A memory reflected
in silvery sheen; your
eyes meet mine

and your mouth forms
the shape of the kiss
I knew so well

I rinse my face and stare
into cold glass

The jester is gone,
so is she

and these lips
may no longer kiss
that sweeter pair.

© 2016 Jerry Kemp

Jerry Kemp

Jerry has written and published two books: A Bouquet of Poetic Thoughts II and Galloping Pegasus, four humorous novellas.  Retired from his horse ranch and other activities, Jerry lives with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and numerous birds at the outskirts of the Sonoran desert in Arizona.  Celebrating his 82nd birthday in October 2016, ignoring the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms, Jerry continues on in his pursuit of happiness. He still paints, enjoys classical music and poetry by the old masters and, of course--writing.