The Stormy Atlantic

As large gray swells begin to pound the shore,
I know, the worst to come isn’t far behind;
sand bags are filled to block our cottage’s door—
and none too soon; the whole Atlantic, lined
with swelling crests, invades the wintry beach
in ranks that break—reform.  In one wide sweep
huge waves assault the granite cliffs and reach
inland with greedy tongues.  I watch them leap
toward our windswept home, lick at the shed
and sweep it out to sea.  Amidst the spray
I see a dozen lobster traps, all spread
among sea muck and foam in wild array—
I add my voice to those who cry to Thee
for ev’ryone in peril on the sea.

Jerry Kemp

Jerry has written and published two books: A Bouquet of Poetic Thoughts II and Galloping Pegasus, four humorous novellas.  Retired from his horse ranch and other activities, Jerry lives with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and numerous birds at the outskirts of the Sonoran desert in Arizona.  Celebrating his 82nd birthday in October 2016, ignoring the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms, Jerry continues on in his pursuit of happiness. He still paints, enjoys classical music and poetry by the old masters and, of course--writing.