The Gentle Vampire Cometh

Late evening comes with its nocturnal chill;
mist seeps beneath your door with bolts and lock.
I do not enter with malignant will;
you open up before I softly knock.

I come as friend and lover; you’ll adore
the rush of my desire. Primeval urges seep,
then crash like waves upon an island’s shore.
Are you alone? Your mother is asleep?

Don’t be afraid; I now inhale your breath,
so sweet as though you were a rose in prime;
your throat invites my bite; the kiss of death
that offers life beyond your own short time.

I listen to the turmoil in your breast
and sense your need for more than mortal love;
enraptured you will ride upon love’s crest.
Now come; but be forewarned, yet spotless dove,

held in my arms you’ll sleep in our cold tomb,
not quite in Heaven, yet—not quite in Hell—
for with our love must come such taste of doom.
Already nears the day; my love, sleep well.

Jerry Kemp

Jerry has written and published two books: A Bouquet of Poetic Thoughts II and Galloping Pegasus, four humorous novellas.  Retired from his horse ranch and other activities, Jerry lives with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and numerous birds at the outskirts of the Sonoran desert in Arizona.  Celebrating his 82nd birthday in October 2016, ignoring the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms, Jerry continues on in his pursuit of happiness. He still paints, enjoys classical music and poetry by the old masters and, of course--writing.